Nur Group Turkey

Nur Group Turkey

Nur Group has over half a century of experience in different fields in various different countries around the world. It has successfully completed more than 500 public and private projects with highest standards. Nur Group (NG) is for profit, non-sectarian and non-political, independent company established in 1993. The initial objective of the company was to actively contribute to the Construction sector (300 Ag.Depots that were established by the Company for wide sale of agro based products to farmers in rural areas across Afghanistan) and agriculture sector (by providing certified wheat seeds to the farmers as well as provision of other agricultural inputs such as high quality DAP and UREA fertilizers, agro machinery, farm irrigation instruments, and green houses, to name a few). The business partnership has gradually expanded from Afghanistan to neighboring countries Tajikistan, Dubai and has their own license in each country. With the expansion of business, NG’s area of intervention and networking with the local farmers, other likeminded organizations, donors and local governance as well as line ministries has increased substantially. The major donors to NG to date are: USAID, FAO, USDA, European Commission, Chemonics, IRD, ARD, PRTs, FAO, IFDC, PHDP, HLP, World Vision, Madera, Ministry of Agriculture and DACCAR. To date NG has successfully implemented several projects in different sector. Nur Group established in Turkey Istanbul in year 2017 (It has its own license) and expended their contribution in Construction, Agriculture, (Agriculture Seeds, Agriculture equipment) cosmetic area. NG has continuously built its capacity in project management and worked towards improving the quality of service delivery. The Company has been recognized as a reliable partner in the Construction Agriculture, and trade sector, by local farmers, donors, central, provincial local government, entities, line Ministries and stockholders.


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