Afghan Golden Saffron

Afghan Golden Saffron

Afghan Golden Saffron is a top-quality saffron brand started producing saffron as an excellent company in Afghanistan in 2016.
Since the¬n, we came a long way. We are now partnering with some of the world’s most renown brands and are exporting a good amount of pure Afghan saffron. Afghan saffron is now rated as the top-quality product for 7 consequent years at International Taste & Quality Institute- Brussels. We managed to achieve consistency and persistency in improving the quality of our product. We are also capable of performing quick and guaranteed delivery dates. Afghan Golden Saffron is also offering retail packing for customers who have packaging requirements.
Afghan Golden Saffron produces around 80 percent of it’s annual sales of on it’s own farms and outsources the rest of the production by local communities and by community.
In most instances, Afghan Golden Saffron acts as a bridge between local producers and customers across the globe with marginal profits to ensure sustainability. We are always on the lookout for new partnerships to build upon the progress.


Mr. Quraishi


26 August 2021


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