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The Best Web Hosting Company in Afghanistan with Amazing Features

Web hosting services are top quality with SWH experience, Our OS is Cloud Linux 64bit and we use Light Speed Web Server (#1 Commercial WebServer) , NVME Disk ( 20X Faster) and Gigabit Ethernet,They can bring secturiy and fast speed to you .The Server Location in USA and Germany

About Us

SkyWebHost started its activity sporadically in 2016 and from the very beginning based its policy on customer satisfaction. Fortunately, over the years, SkyWebHost has been able to expand the scope of its activities with effective measures in the field of hosting services and comprehensive development, and support many customers from all over the world.
Services offered in SkyWebHosting include shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, website design and programming, SSL, website optimization, SEO. Providing various services, fast and online support along with maintaining security has placed a heavy responsibility on our specialized team, but thanks to our long history, we have been able to handle it well. Buying hosting products is not the end point of our cooperation, but the beginning of training and development of your activities in the web space.
Relying on the capability of our expert and technical experts, we hope to create a suitable and secure environment for the development of e-commerce and to be able to provide you with the most efficient and high quality hosting services. Also, the SkyWebHost development and research team is looking for new ways to provide better services every day to bring you the sweet experience of web hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shared Hosting ?

 Shared web hosting is the most affordable and common option for hosting because it allows multiple websites to use the resources of a single server.